COVID-19 and Reopening UPDATE

June 2020 - Phase 2

We are excited to be moving into Phase 2 of reopening.  In Phase 2, Relentless Student Ministries will begin to start meeting again on Wednesday evenings.  We also will be opening the Nursery and Royalty on Sunday mornings during the 10:30 am service only. Here's what you need to know if you plan on bringing your kids to Royalty and Nursery:

-Everyone checking a child in must enter through the courtyard gate and come through Door 4.

-All kids will have their temperature checked upon entry and will be asked to not attend if their temperature is above 100.4ºF. This is per CDC guidelines.

-To pick up Royalty kids after service, exit through the Main Entrance and pick them up outside in the courtyard. Check-in badges will be required.

-To pick up kids in Nursery, meet in the Fellowship Hall with your check-in badge. We are allowing one parent to pick up children. This is to keep the hallway from getting congested.

We are excited as we get closer to being open at full capacity.  God is doing amazing things right now while we are able to look at the different areas in our church and set new policies in place to help keep everyone safe during COVID-19 reopenings.  We want to thank you for your patience, your love, and especially your prayers during this time.  We can't wait to see you guys on Sunday mornings and chase Jesus together!

Pastor Matt and The River Team

May 2020 - Reopening

We have missed everyone so much and are excited at the opportunity of meeting in person again.  We want to do this in the wisest and most responsible way.  Our goal in this process is to create the safest environment for people to worship together during this time.  We are working towards creating a touchless process that meets the recommendations encouraged by our state governor. We encourage safe social distancing practices.  Our staff and volunteers will be wearing masks (except Worship Team and Speakers). Below are the processes we have in place:

-We will be running two services during this time (9:00-10:00 am and 10:30-11:30 am).  This allows us to set up the Auditorium to practice safe social distancing and gives us 30 minutes to sanitize the Auditorium, door handles, and the bathrooms in between services.

-Available entrances into the building are the Main Entrance off of Euclid Ave. (Door 1) and the back entrance by the allow (Door 9).  This is to reduce the number of touchpoints.

-We have hand sanitizer at both entrances and throughout the open parts of the church.

-Only the bathrooms by the Main Entrance will be available and the doors are propped open.  These bathrooms allow us to eliminate touchpoints while maintaining privacy.  We are encouraging one person in the bathroom at a time unless you are from the same household.

-We will not have Royalty Children's Ministry or Nursery during this time.  We encourage you to bring quiet activities for your children during the service.

-We will not have the coffee services during this time.  We encourage you to bring your own if you want it.

-The parts of the church not being used will be blocked off (i.e. The Castle, Nurseries, Office Hallway, and Youth Room).  This is to reduce the number of touchpoints. 

-We are assuming that the 10:30 service will be the most full since it is the closest to our normal service time.  We are encouraging people to consider coming to one of the other two services.

-If you are still nervous about attending service in person, 65+ and not sure, or showing any COVID-like symptoms we encourage you to join us online.  We will be streaming our 10:30 am service on both Facebook and YouTube.

We are super excited to see you guys and get to chase Jesus together in person! See you this Sunday!


Pastor Matt and The River Team

_________________________________________________________________ March 2020

Due to the proximity of COVID-19 to our location, we want to make a decision that is both wise and not fear-based.  According to the Governor of Texas, all gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited.  We want to honor the authority that God has positioned over us, so we have postponed events and have made the decision to take all services (Sunday, Relentless Student Ministry, and Royalty Children's Ministry) online during this time. 

  1. We will continue to offer a Sunday worship service via live stream at 10:45 am each week. This is a great time to watch church together as a family on Facebook. We will provide announcements, worship, and a message just like a normal Sunday.

  2. Royalty and Relentless will both release videos on Wednesdays at their normal times.  Royalty will post at 5:30 pm on their Facebook page.  Relentless will go live on their Instagram page (you'll need the Instagram app for this).  These are great ways to stay connected with Pastor Caitlyn (Children's Pastor) and Pastor Dawson (Youth Pastor).

  3. Until notified, all church activities are postponed until further notice.

Even though we aren't meeting in person, please continue to do the following:


  • Check on your church family. Don’t let a day go by without reaching out to another member to encourage them and find ways to help them during this time.
  • Contact your church team for prayer and counseling. If you need any help during this time, contact our church team who are able to pray with you and counsel with you with technology if needed. You are still able to call the church during this time.

  • Continue your giving to the church. There are different ways you can continue to tithe during this season of social distancing.  You can bring your tithe to the office, drop it in the mail, give through The River app, or the Give tab on our website. 

  • Stay engaged with your church. Whether it's through Sunday services, social media, text/phone calls, etc., do what you can to stay engaged with your church family.


As always, please let our team know if there’s anything we can do to serve you during this time. I cannot encourage you enough to pray. Pray for the health of our community. Pray for the protection of our medical professionals. Pray for the well-being of those who are impacted financially and economically due to this crisis. I want to encourage you to pray, believe, and expect that God is going to do some amazing things!

We love you guys!

Pastor Matt